Pre and Post WOF repairs

Warrant Of Fitness checks and repairs

If your car is due for a Pre or Post WOF repair drop it off to our friendly team at Ace Automotive.

Pre-Warrant of Fitness checks

If your car is due for a warrant drop it off to our friendly team at Ace Automotive. 

We will run it through a pre WOF check and then take it to an independent WOF provider.

If your vehicle fails, we can generally fix minor repairs and have it warranted and ready to go that same day! 

How’s that for good old-fashioned service!

Post Warrant of Fitness repairs

If your vehicle has failed it’s WOF then drop it off to our highly experienced Mechanical team and we’ll have it fixed in no time. 

We pride ourselves on 

  • Being value for money 
  • Our rock-solid workmanship 
  • Having a welcoming attitude 
  • Being locally owned and operated

We’re just a good honest bunch doing good, honest vehicle repairs. 

We’ll even take it back through for it’s WOF re-check at no extra charge for you too!

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